Homebrew Supplies – What You Need & Where to Find It

Ready to get started brewing some beer at home? Homebrew supplies and some simple instructions are all you need to get things started tonight! If you’ve ever baked bread, you’ve got a good understanding of how homebrewing works. In bread making, yeast forms bubbles of carbon dioxide that helps bread rise. In beer brewing, we take advantage of a different quality of the yeast…its ability to make alcohol! For the yeast, it’s considered a waste product. For us, however, it’s the prime benefit of beer (aside from its great taste).

Homebrew supplies and homebrewing ingredients are discussed here separately. First we’ll talk about the materials and equipment you’ll need to brew beer at home. Starting with the brewing stage, you’ll need the following supplies: 1) a large stainless steel 4-6 gallon stockpot, a pyrex measuring cup, a metal mixing spoon and some plastic funnels. Surprised that it’s not more complicated yet? Like I said, the first part of homebrewing is a lot like baking bread.

For the second stage of homebrewing, fermenting, you’ll need some slightly more specialized equipment. You can either buy these pieces individually at a homebrew supply store, or buy a home beer making kit that has everything included. The kits are typically the fastest and easiest way to get started brewing at home. Either route you take, the basic supplies are the fermented, a large plastic or glass storage container, some type of airlock device that keeps bacteria out, and a siphon or spigot. Some beer fermenters have a siphon included which makes bottle your beer a snap.

The third and final stage is bottling. For this step you’ll obviously need bottles, bottle caps, a small measuring scoop for the priming sugar, and a spigot or siphon as discussed in the paragraph above. The most important step of all brewing stages however, is sanitizing your homebrew supplies! You will never be able to completely sterilize your materials, but you can reduce the bacterial burden and give your yeast a chance to work their best.

Like any hobby, homebrewing has its share of homebrewing accessories as well! For now, just start with the basic brewing materials until you get the first batch under your belt.