Wii Homebrew Application – What is It?

In this brief article I hope to explain to you what a Wii Homebrew Application is and how, if you are an owner of a Nintendo Wii can make the most out of this application. But first let me try to explain what homebrew actually is.

Homebrew actually means that you can use the Nintendo Wii console, software and hardware for other purposes than was otherwise intended. Normally you would only be able to run software and applications exclusively released by Nintendo and run it on their console but with homebrew it basically opens up your console so that foreign code can run on it. This means your console can now run games based on other platforms and in fact you can even run imported and copied games as well. This is why Wii homebrew applications are becoming more and more popular online.

Not that long ago to be able to run Wii homebrew applications on your Wii you would have to physically alter your Wii console with the use of a mod chip. The mod chip would basically bypass the console programming and let you run foreign code on your console. While the Wii mod chip was fantastic news for console owners it also meant that you would immediately void your warranty. Visit this home brew.

Now with the latest Wii homebrew application being released on the internet it means you can get all the benefits of a mod chip without the need to physically alter your Wii console. This means that your console stays intact and that your warranty is still valid. The installation of the Wii homebrew application is a relatively straight forward process as long as you have a good guide and the necessary software to enable the exploit and once it’s done you will be able to enjoy the full benefits of a homebrew enabled console.